Am I a Highly Sensitive Person — Or Do I Have Anxiety?

There are some overlapping similarities between being a highly sensitive person and having anxiety, like becoming easily overwhelmed. But here’s how to tell the difference. If you were ever in grade school, I’m sure you fondly remember mandatory school assemblies (okay, maybe not fondly). There was one assembly in particular that I will always remember. At one particular gathering, the principal had a student play the drums for us as a performance. As he played, I couldn’t stop focusing on the

Introvert's guide to personal branding - Featured Content

As an introvert, it is easy to become used to staying quiet. Whenever I was out in public in a group of more than three people, I would always think, I’ll just let the rest of them talk. Why would they want to listen to my ideas when they have their own? Staying quiet almost formed as a social habit for me, and that habit transferred to my passion for writing. I have always loved writing ever since I was a teenager. I could write pages and pages of stories, but I could never share them. I didn’t think my ideas would ever be good enough.

How to Thrive in College When You’re an Introvert

College isn’t made for extroverts. College is what YOU make of it. To an introvert, attending college can feel similar to how Marlin, Nemo’s clownfish dad, felt leaving his anemone every day in the popular Disney movie. You leave your comfortable, safe home and travel to a big ocean of people where you’re expected to generate stimulating conversation. Talking to people isn’t hard, per se, but sometimes introverts don’t have the energy to introduce themselves to five new classmates in a row. The

8 Tips for Writing Psychology Papers

Psychology is a fascinating subject, but it will soon become clear that the classes are swamped with paper after paper if you talk to any psych major. It can be overwhelming when you get your first research assignment and have no idea how to write one. The thing is, you have to know what you’re doing when it comes to psychology papers to get a good mark. Ironically, I didn’t learn how to properly write one until my 300 level psychology course. So here are some tips and tricks for beginner paper